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I am looking forward to living someplace where the smell of burning garlic does not come wafting through my windows at 8 am. That is definitely something I will not miss about this place.

The garlic is actually a day long event, but somehow it is more of an irritant early in the morning.

Why not bacon? Or something without a strong smell, like cereal?

Speaking of, my appetite has been really weird lately. I normally only feel hungry twice a day, and little meals generally suffice. Right now, I have a fridge full of salad fixings, but two nights ago, I had to have pizza. So I ordered a small one from a place around the corner, and ate 3/4 of it! Yesterday morning I had to have cereal, so I actually abandoned my project and went to the store. If I start craving ice cream and pickles, start worrying.

Itís T minus 1. Yay! That means I get to see Terence for two whole days in CT! I have so much work to finish before then that itís hard for me to even imagine being on a plane, but thatís always how it is before a holiday.

ďStress, stress, stress! Cream, cream, cream!Ē Thatís what an old roommate of mine used to say whenever his stress exacerbated his eczema. He was always unhappy around midterms and finals and his hands were a mess.

I wish someone would prescribe a magic poultice for my stress.

4:48 p.m. - 2004-02-12



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