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Nobody checks their luggage anymore. Itís maddening.

Obviously, I am a luggage-checker.

For one, I am short and hate a) hoisting luggage into an overhead compartment by standing on the seat, and b) asking people for assistance. They always look so smug afterwards, as if theyíd just completed an act of philanthropy. Fuck you tall people!

For two, I hate shoving things under the seat in front of me. Thereís very little leg room to begin with so why would you want to reduce it?

My philosophy is if you travel light, you get on and off the plane with ease, and can walk unencumbered throughout the terminals in between connecting flights.

This is not so with people who refuse to check luggage.

Maybe they think itís safer because their luggage wonít get lost? How often does luggage get lost, anyway? Iíve travelled a lot, and my luggageís never been lost (of course now Iím jinxed.)

Or maybe they think that they save time by avoiding the luggage carousel? Is the luggage carousel that big of a time-suck? I believe I have waited longer in the aisles of the plane waiting for these anti-luggage-checkers to collect their crap from above and below than I have EVER waited at the baggage carousel.

The carousel? People have such crappy luggage! Itís shocking. I mean, if you travel once in a blue moon, ok, you can be forgiven for owning cheap and poorly made luggage. But everybody else? Whatís their excuse?

I was beginning to feel a little bit bratty, a little bit Holden Caulfield complaining about his roommateís bad luggage. Of course, Holdenís family had money and could afford to buy him a matching Cross set, and his roommate was not as affluent so he was always borrowing Holdenís suitcases...

Thereís something to be said for investing in quality and for looking at something like a luggage purchase as an investment. You donít have to own a matching set of Vuitton or Goyard to travel in style. Delsey or Tumi will do.

1:28 p.m. - 2004-02-16



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