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Hear yee, hear yee

Our Bon Voyage party was awesome.

The theme was Caribbean-island-tropical-warm weather because Connecticut is none of those things. There were Easter Island heads and tiki party lanterns and a grass skirt all the way around the buffet table, which was heaving with coconut rice, black beans, spicy pork, fruit salad, Hawaiian bread and fried plantains. We got presents and a card signed by everyone that ,of course, made me cry. And Iím not even in the family way anymore!

Speaking of crying without the added curse of pregnancy hormones: Americaís Next Top Model. FinallyóFINALLYóthey eliminated mean oleí Camille. I knew it would be curtains for her when she deviously insinuated that Yoanna had an eating disorder. It had ďChristian girl from last season paying a stranger in the metro to help her make her go-sees in ParisĒ written all over it. Girl, that was caught on tape! Didnít you watch last season? The judges donít go for that shit.

And now Iím officially torn between the remaining contenders because thereís no clear-cut villain. Terence is rooting for Mercedes (no surprise there, heís down with the swirl.)

Itís kind of weird being in this apartment. It almost feels like I just moved in with Terence, and this is all of his stuff. Sort of. He has much better taste than whoever specíd the furniture for this place. And it has cable, and neither one of us has had cable before. T is gone at a ProE training all day long, so I spend a lot of time cleaning up, doing laundry and reading. Iíve also been catching up on my SATC because one of my going-away presents was the first two seasons of the show on DVD. I never realized how many episodes Iíd missed. And how many guest actors have moved on to bigger and better things. For example, supersexyandprobablygay Justin Theroux in practically the same glasses he wore in Mulholland Drive? The main dude from Good Morning, Miami?

With cable, Iíve also come to appreciate Mythbusters. One, those two guys are textbook San Francisco so it feels like a little piece of home. Two , itís funny as hell. Three, itís one of those shows that brings out the teen geek in Terence and thatís supercute. Four, I just found out that the dude with the beret lives in the same building as a really good friend of mine. So itís practically like weíre related!

And Skin-emax? Who watches that? Thirteen-year-old boys? Itís so boring! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we donít get premium channels so thereís a lot of flipping around happening, and not a whole lot of actual viewing. More time for discovery. Last night when Terence got home, we went to a cafť in New Haven and walked around like civilized people in the 50 degree temperatures. We even unearthed a health food store withówonders never cease!óspaced-out, freakshow employees! Another little taste of home. And the bulletin board actually yielded one decent-looking yoga flyer so thatís promising. As soon as Terenceís training is done and I have access to the car, I will boldly investigate.

Thank god sbc fixed my DSL today. I was like a junkie needing a fix.

6:09 p.m. - 2004-03-03



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