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Empty calories and female curiosity

Today’s the day. Today is the day I will rid my body of its obsession with The Producers.

Who am I kidding? This obsession will merely move into the OFF position while I wait for the new film version.

Matthew Br0derick, I am ready for you to delight me.

Scarier even than my indie cred-shattering love of musicals is the fact that I clicked on a Personals ad today.

I know!


I was wasting time reading this when I noticed an intriguing photo and a clever self-description to the right: Indiana Jones meets Stephen Colbert. If I were single and freshly waxed, I’d send this guy an email or a wink. He finished this sentence “In my bedroom, you’ll find…” with “Ten thousand life-sized terra cotta Chinese soldiers in formation.” A snarky remarky will get me every time.

Somebody please have a drink with this guy so I can rid my system of its current unhealthy attachment (slated to last at the most 2 hours, but still.) I’ve conveniently not hyperlinked the gentleman because I need to protect the innocent… wherever they are.

Voila: http://personals.gawker.com/profile.aspx?bookmark=S7H0w%2btvC2E%3d

Mr Bingo and I were discussing the ANTM judges today, and how most people are hot and bothered by the photographer dude. I myself find him a little too waxed chest euro manly, and prefer the slightly nerdy preppy editor guy from Jane magazine (and yes, I know, he’s probably gay, but remember: this is just idle jibbajabba between two friends.) I am just glad they got rid of Kim0ra. She was boring.

Slightly fashion-related, I was thinking someone should come up with a line of T shirts or leather cuffs that have this inscribed on them:


That’s “What Would Carson Do?”

There could be a whole line for Queer Eye.

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2:22 p.m. - 2004-03-24



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