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Where and wear

I am so ready for all of this basketball nonsense to be OVER. Youd think there was nothing else of value in Connecticut the way people spend hours parked in front of their TVs watching games and waddling around town in ill-fitting UCONN sweatshirts.

Im going to go out on a limb here and say that sweatshirts are universally unflattering on women.

Probably 75% of the folks on the flight from Hartford to Washington D.C. were showing their pride in ugly clothes. I was annoyed. Its one thing to be comfortable when you travel, quite another to wear the adult equivalent of footie rompers.

We have to go to a wedding in SF in early May and all of our clothes will still be in storage. Which means Terence wont have a suit, and I wont have any of my nice clothes. Which means, shopping! I was teasing Terence that hed have to get a seersucker suit and some white bucks now that hes East Coast, but I stopped laughing when I realized that hed look really dashing in that. I refuse to match him preppy-for-preppy in Lilly Pulitzer or Pappagallo shoes, though. Id do a Daisy if he went Gatsby, a Bonnie if he went Clyde, a Francoise if he went Dutronc, but I wont do Muffie.

4:06 p.m. - 2004-04-06



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