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California Dreamin'

Is it me or does this soundtrack read like a KCRW playlist? Maybe the music supervisor should vary his/her listening habits with a little KXLU or something. Just a suggestion.

Iím surprised that there arenít any Death Cab songs on there as Seth has referenced them at least twice. And the actor who plays Seth was seen at Coachella singing along to Death Cabís set, mouthing all the lyrics. Not that life should imitate art or anything.

The other rocker shocker is that I bought 20 cds at Amoeba, and didnít even remember to buy Transatlanticism. WTF? At least Iíve got other things to keep my ears occupied, and I am very happy with Camera Obscura.

This is so stupid but Iím mad at the season finale of The OC. They totally copped out on dealing with the issue of abortion, but that, I can sort of deal with since all sitcoms do the same fucking thing. ďOh hey, weíll get a teenage character pregnant, weíll avoid using the ĎAí word throughout the episode, then weíll have a Teen Pregnancy non-profit counseling announcement thingie at the end. And then sheíll keep the baby and return to her neighborhood.Ē

That didnít irk me half as much as the way they ham-handedly made the single, female, poor, abused Latina the pregnant character. With the white girls all ďlike, oh my godĒ but supportive. Oh yes, you can take the girl out of Chino, but you canít take the Chino out of the girl, no matter how much time she spends in Newport Beach!

Anyway, thatís fiction.

You know what isnít? One of the Wach0wsky brothers is becoming a woman, and S0fia and Quentin are dating.

1:24 p.m. - 2004-05-06



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