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it's the integrity, stupid

Since Iíve been here, Iíve been using OS X almost exclusively. I am getting used to it, and learning about its advantages, but I still donít like it.

Itís just tooÖ gummy bear, to use my friend Robís phrase. Itís all pulsing jelly colors, with zoomy highlights and windows that zip open and whoosh shut. Who needs that crap? And viewing window contents vertically or horizontally? So what! It doesnít increase productivity; itís just another bloody option.

Options! Iím sick of having so many options. I just want things to be simple. Itís why I have such trouble picking out cereal or shampoo or a checking account plan. Do I want granola, flakes or crunchy squares? Do I want to smooth, hydrate or reduce flakes? Dizzying selection is supposed to be one of the great advantages of a free society, but I just get overwhelmed. I stand there, immobilized by all of the alternatives.

Can you hear me, Free Iraq? You thought you had it bad when there were only a couple of brands of samoons or tea or cooking oil. Get ready to be first astonished then bewildered by detergents and snack cakes and Fluffernutter.

Paralysis by analysis.

Is it any wonder In-N-Out is so popular? You can have a burger, a cheeseburger, some fries, a soda or a shake. Thatís it. For variety, you can add a few patties or slices of cheese to your burger, omit the burger, omit the bun, ask for a Neapolitan shake or fries well-done.

You donít see me straying from my core competencies: designing, kvetching, shopping, practicing yoga, eatingÖ

5:05 p.m. - 2004-06-03



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