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Vendredi, samedi, dimanche, sortie

We got an apartment. The only exciting things about the space are:

- The short term (6 mos) lease

- Itís an end unit facing a nature preserve

- Big windows

- Itís a 1 BR with a loft space so it has just enough room for all of our crap

- Hookups for a washer/dryer

The downsides:

- Itís another ďAvalonĒ property so itís faux Colonial-meets-cheap-ass-Kaufman-and-Broad construction

- Beige carpeting!

- Bunch of amenities we most likely will not take advantage of but will still be paying for (raquetball court, 1/2 basketball court, tennis court, 2 pools?)

- A lot of coeds hanging around the pool area

- Absolutely, positively no flava

But! We have a solution for when we get kicked out of this place. And thatís a huge relief. And having carpeting is just the excuse we need to get the dream vacuum cleaner.

We saw Beulah in Manhattan on Friday night, and that was superfun. We met a friend at M Bar on Broome for cocktails, then we trooped over to the Bowery Ballroom for the show. Except for drinks constantly being splashed on my ankles, and a pair of obnoxious Glamazons with a terminal case of Drunken Stripper Dancing disease near us, the show was excellent. I love that band.

Thank god Iíd had the foresight to book a cheapie hotel room, because after the show, we ate at a latenight diner, and didnít get in until nearly 3 am! That is totally unheard of. I never stay up that late anymore. Iím old.

The next day after checking out, we wandered through Soho, made a pilgrimage to Moss, checked out a flea market in Hellís Kitchen, ate a snack at the Cuppcake Cafť, and randomly browsed. Later there were drinks at Guastavin0, and dinner at a Vietnamese place in Gramercy Park. Eventhough Terence complained about how sore his feet were (ďFeet? Oh, those fell off hours ago. Iíve been walking around on bloody stumps since!Ē) we ignored the subway, and instead strolled up Park Avenue to the train station.

Home again, home again, wee wee wee. Thank god the train was mellow. The last few times weíve taken late trains back to Stepford, we have been surrounded by loud, drunken idiots singing Sabbath at top volume. This time around, the passengers all seemed exhausted.

Sunday TA napped and read the Times as I worked. He did laundry and dishes and prepared meals, and I still worked. At 11pm I sent my last email, shut off the computer and read the Style section until my eyelids couldnít fend off sleep anymore. Now thatís a weekend.

9:19 a.m. - 2004-06-07



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