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Marcus Welby, where are you?

Terence left the house today around 6 am so he could witness an early morning surgery. I groggily snarfled goodbye and fell back to sleep.

If I so much as cut my finger making a sandwich, he totally freaks out. But ask him to go into an operating room to witness brain surgery, and heís right there, arms outstretched, ready to be scrubbed. He loves that shit.

ďScience is cool. Scientists get all the babes! I fucked up. I should have been a scientist!Ē he cries. Then he consoles himself by laughing at that tv show, Scrubs.

Well, heís sort of helping science by designing medical equipment. I mean, what would the morbidly obese and tummy-tuck-needing people of the world do without one of his surgical staplers? Watching ďSupersize MeĒ, he winced during the footage of the abdominoplasty (or was it gastric bypass?) because he noticed that the surgeons were using the competitionís staplers!

He even likes coming to the doctorís office with me. He says I donít ask enough questions (sort of true,) that he likes to make sure Iím getting as much information as possible, but I think itís just his Science Envy. A few times my appointments have actually degenerated into Terence and the doctor just shooting the breeze about medical advances while I sit there shivering in my tissue-thin hospital gown.

I called recently to make an appointment with an allergist because Iím running low on asthma medication, and because I need to make sure Iím fine and donít need a sudden shock of steroid therapy (absolutely THE worst treatment in the world. Yes, it makes your asthma go away but you gain weight and retain water and cry at the drop of a hat like a big fat cow.) Anyway, the earliest appointment I could make was for August! WTF? The dentist isnít taking any new patients until July, and the gastroenterologist wonít see me until my records are sent from UCLA.

I canít believe how long this is all taking. By the time I get treatment, Iíll be gone and living in another city.

But at least, I have my health.


5:09 p.m. - 2004-06-08



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