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Ding Dong the Gipper's Dead

They finally put Reagan in the ground. Halleluia! He is truly dead. Thank fucking god. That man was a disastrous president who turned a blind eye to AIDS, waged war on the poor, tripled the national debt, confused old westerns with foreign policy, and called dictators like Saddam Hussein “friend.”

The only good to come out of this will be increased stem cell research. Evidently, scientific progress is only worthwhile if it has the potential to cure deadly diseases that afflict former presidents. That’s the only time conservatives can look past their so-called faith and think logically about humankind and our shared future.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a president had a complicated pregnancy that necessitated a partial birth abortion? Of if a president had HIV? Or a cancer with pain that only a joint could alleviate?

You’d bet things would be different.

On a lighter note, solicitors have been calling with more frequency. They all want to sell us the local newspapers.

My new thing is I just blurt out “We’re moving!”

Which is true.

“To California!”

Which is not.

And the telemarketeers just wish me a safe trip and hang up the phone. It’s the best thing I’ve thought of in weeks.

9:50 a.m. - 2004-06-12



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