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Class and classy

Thank god Iím not the only one in moving hell. Itís nice to know Iím not alone.

Last night I went to letterpress class and when I came home, the flattened out boxes were gone (kooky Craigís List lady took them all away), the apartment seemed noticeably tidier, and TA was trying to get the DSL networked. Itís good to have a Virgo boyfriend!

To celebrate, I am getting a wax. Some people toast with champagne, but to me, nothing says ĎNew Apartmentí like a hairless body.

So, the class... Last night I set a few lines by myself, inked them and ran them on a proofing press. That was fun. The shop is really messy and dirty so we have to clean absolutely everything, and even then, your fingers just get black from handling the type (which is lead. Magically delicious!) The shop is also very tiny so itís good that there are only two students and the teacher.

The other student last night was a nutty woman in Birkenstocks who had a spacey kind of voice, and kept talking about her kid and her husband, and her childrenís books...

Anyway, since we were printing on cocktail napkins, my short sentences were cliched pick-up lines.

Spacy lady: So, are those lines that you use?

Me: No, Iíve never used these cliches.

SL: You go to bars a lot? To meet people?

Me: Not really. Iíll have a drink, but I donít go there specifically to meet people.

SL: Oh, cause I was gonna say, itís hard meeting people in bars. Let me tell you: it took me 20 years to find my husband!

Me: Really.

SL: So youíre single?

Me: No.

SL: Married?

Me: No. I have a boyfriend.

SL: Wow, how does he feel about you printing pick-up lines on napkins?

9:49 a.m. - 2004-07-02



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