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Mardi's lost some weight

I finally had my doctorís appt today. A surgeon, two residents and a ďdoctorĒ who looked no more than 28 and made a snarky remarky about LA examined me and determined that I should have surgery.

I had a feeling thatís what they would say. As much as I donít want to be cavalier about surgery--because it is serious--I know I will be a lot more comfortable once itís done and Iíve recovered. So in a way Iím anxious to get the operation over with so I can go back to being my regular spry me.

I just hope this isnít going to be like when that author went in for a routine facelift, and ended up dying. In a reputable hospital and under the care of an even more reputable surgeon, no less. Crikey, I shouldnít even put that into the ether. Iím just asking for trouble.

I will be fine.

Iíve got a bunch more medical appointments I could talk about, but it would ruin the rue-madame mystique. Instead I will mention that I am in the process of planning a mini vacation to New Orleans.

The city itself has never been on my radar of places to visit, but thanks to Southwest and some cheapie flights, it is now. Since Iím not really a fan of Dixieland jazz, donít really like daquiris, was never goth (Anne Rice doesnít even live there anymore. Fie!), it will be interesting. Recommendations for things to do that are off the beaten path, places to see and shop, restaurants frequented by locals etc greatly appreciated. I want to stay here and relax, but neither do I want to succumb to southern torpor and come back a Tennessee Williams clichť.

3:12 p.m. - 2004-07-13



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