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Evening the score

Our car now has CT plates. We don’t have to renew registration for 2 yrs cause that’s how it works in Connecticut. That’s pretty cool.

In CA, our car was fast approaching gross polluter status, passing smog tests by the hair on its chinny chin chin. Yearly registration was a nail-biter.

Terence’s reaction to this? “Ha ha, suckers!”

The DMV was an eye-opener. I mean, it’s just like the DMV in your state: slow, inefficient, with long lines and put-upon-looking fidgety people. That stuff is pretty much a constant.

We began waiting in an interminable line when it occurred to us that we might as well just make an appointment and deal with the paperwork then. No sense wasting a nice Friday afternoon.

So Terence goes to the Information desk to inquire about a date, and the woman working there looks at him like he is from Mars.

“An appointment?”

“Yeah, an appointment so I can come back on another day at a specific time to deal with this stuff.”

“I don’t know how that would work. Appointments? We don’t have appointments here. You just have to wait like everybody else. Appointments? That’s a funny idea.”


California can’t be the only state with appointments at the DMV, can it?

I guess the score as it stands is:

CA [1] for having appts at the DMV

CT [1] for not making us smog check the Trooper

Another interesting car-related thing occurred this morning. I was pulling out of our apt complex, when I noticed the Saab head of me. It had two bumper stickers on it.

- on the left: Bush/Cheney ’04

- on the right: Boycott France

I couldn’t believe it. It made me so angry that I very nearly pulled up alongside the car, rolled down my window and screamed, “espece d’encule de merde!” but thought better of it. No sense making enemies out of idiot neighbors. I’d rather keep a low-pro.

I mentioned this to my older sister, and she said, “I want a bumper sticker that says THE FRENCH WERE RIGHT since goddamn, they were. And they're right right now, too, with Chirac's bold statements about US extortion on AIDS meds...”

My $400 file cabinets have arrived. Boy, are they sexy! Almost as sexy as my Charles Jourdan shoes…but not quite…

2:42 p.m. - 2004-07-14



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