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Somehow I managed to be 20 minutes late to today's allergy appointment eventhough I left the house 45 minutes early.

I live only 6.9 miles away from the hospital. And people think LA has the worst traffic!

The diagnosis: I am fine. The doctor and the resident were both very impressed with how well my asthma is managed, and I even got some bonus points in the "you don't look your age at all. You look 10 yrs younger!" category. Woohoo for me and my genes which are responsible for my stupid chronic disease but my youthful appearance as well.

You can't have everything.

I also scored an A+ in the skin tests. I haven't been tested in a long time, and it was actually sort of fun seeing where the technology has changed, and where my allergies have not. Instead of a little pin pricks on my arms or back, the tests are now administered subcutaneously with tiny little needles. I had twelve injections in one upper arm, and 7 on the other, and I passed with flying colors!

Dog? Check. Horse? Check. Grass? Check. Dust? Check. Mold? Check. My reaction was so textbook that the doctors decried the fact that there were no students present. "I can come back if you want," I offered. You know, I like to do my part for science.

The doctor was kind of cute in a nerdy way. I am not one of those women who go gaga over physicians and their earning potential, so I was really surprised that this guy was moderately attractive. I am always prepared for the residents and interns to be cute (and while languishing in the hospital last week, I saw my fair share of adorable med boys in lab coats) but never the bonafide doctors. You learn something new every day. Those darling med boys can grow into hott docs.

I've got lots of doctors' appointments lined up. It's one of the advantages of having two insurance plans, and money and time to schedule check-ups and surgeries.

I am supposed to FedEx my portfolio to a headhunter this week. I can't get excited about it. I'm so used to doing my own thing that the idea of working for someone else freaks me out. I know it's good for me to stay in touch with headhunters, and keep my portfolio updated, but I am still a little bit scarred from my last in-house gig, and that was almost 7 years ago. Do I need the headhunter's validation? Is that why I agreed to send him samples of my work? Eventhough I am not that interested in full-time "opportunities"?

Maybe my next appointment should be with a therapist?

2:51 p.m. - 2004-08-17



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