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Survival of the fittest... and craftiest

To extend the Creatures of Connecticut theme, I will now tell you a little bit about all the animal sightings.

We have a bird feeder, and it attracts:

- white-breasted nuthatches

- tufted titmice

- mourning doves

- blue jays

- some kind of black bird (neither crow nor starling)

- sparrows

- red-headed finches

- red-bellied woodpeckers

and the pièce de resistance:

- northern cardinals

I’ve never been much of a birder, but now I know the difference between a titmouse’s raspy chirp, a mourning dove’s lament, and a cardinal’s little squeak.

They make a mess, those birds. Fortunately, there is a squirrel who’s found a way to jump from the trees to our deck, and he is cleaning up the excess.

There are also little brown bunnies (thankfully, nothing like Vincent Gall0’s latest creation) on the sides of the road in evenings. They nibble, they hop about, they cause me to veer into oncoming traffic. That’s how distractingly cute they are.

And now for more momentous news: we signed the papers for a 1 BR loft in downtown NH! We saw it on Saturday afternoon, filled out the paperwork that evening, got the acceptance call Sunday night. It’s small (<800 sq/ft), but it’s got good bones and needs a little bit of work (we’re excited about that part. You all know how much I hate everyone’s paint color choices. This place has dark metallic blue paint in the bathroom, metallic silver paint in the kitchen, and clotted blood red in the bedroom… thank god I had the foresight to save the article from the Times a while back about which whites museums use for their walls!) The loft will be a snap to sell when we decide to leave, and with our changes, we’ll probably make a tiny bit extra. And it was cheapie cheap! Like, almost $100,000-$175,000 less than what we’d thought we'd have to spend. It’s kinda like I went to the Prada Sample sale--only instead of getting some of the 1950’s postcard print patterned slingbacks this week, I got real estate, real cheap.

No photos yet, but the inspection is supposed to happen by the end of the month. I’ll take pictures while Terence walks around like an Old West undertaker with measuring tape and I'll post the images here. Floorplan tk as well.

My sister sent me an email saying, “Welcome to the world of the landed gentry!” I feel more landed than gentry, but I have a friend named Gentry! Does that count? Mostly, I feel like I’ve crossed some threshold into adulthood, and that’s bizarre because in some ways, like this guy, I feel like I’ve been 12 forever.

9:38 a.m. - 2004-08-24



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