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I’ve burned every single one of my cds to my G3 tower. It took about 2 weeks total (but not fulltime or anything.)

I wish I’d counted the cds along the way so I’d know how many I actually have. Maybe 250? 300? More? Thank god I had the foresight to buy a 120GB hard drive last year—it’s not even full! I have no idea how much music I own, but I know I don’t own 120GB’s worth, or more than a mega iPod’s worth.

What’s most exciting is that elegant in-room cd storage is now a non-issue. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been satisfied with storing jewel cases in cabinets or shelves or drawers or sleeves or folders. None of those solutions ever pleased me, and now I don’t have to deal with buying special furniture to house cds. They are all neatly put away in file boxes in a closet. If I want to hear a song, I just launch iTunes and search for the title. Or if I want to listen to decent radio, I just stream kusf or kcrw!


The hard part for me will be resisting the urge to buy cds. Cold turkey. No more cds. I can go to Amoeba to browse and get a contact high, but if I want an album, I will go home, pay for it online then download it.

Someone at TA’s office said, “What if your computer crashes? What’ll you do then? How are you going to back the songs up?”

So smart-alecky TA said, “Hmmm… back them up to cds?”

On Friday, I am going to check out studio spaces. I hope they don’t suck. There are two available in an old brick complex: one at 400 sq/ft and another at 1200. The smaller space would be perfect for just my design crap; the larger one would be ideal for both office and creative mess-making (painting, screenprinting, whatever bricolage TA has in mind.) I really, really hope they don’t suck.

I sent my portfolio to the headhunter, and the only work he had that I might be interested in was a senior designer position one hour outside of Madison… Wisconsin! Not sure if I’m ready to become a cheesehead, or a daily commuter though…

12:55 p.m. - 2004-08-25



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