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The weekend:

Saturday I woke up early, ran a bunch of errands and basically bored myself to death until 7pm when I made a yummy dinner and netflixed Diary of a Chambermaid. I love Buñuel.

Sunday some friends from Manhattan came in for the day, and we gave them the quickie CT tour: predictable drive through Colonial towns, quaint white steeples on village greens, lobster in Noank accompanied by some quite delicious champagne that we bought at a package store near our place, a zip through Mystic (“Hello there’s Mystic Pizza! Goodbye!”) a pause at Gillette Castle, and drinks at our favorite spot in NH. There was neither time for gambling, nor for sampling the local famous (and famously rude) pizza but that leaves us with a couple of trick up our sleeves for next time.

Monday was somehow less packed but more exhausting eventhough it was a bonus day off: breakfast at the Brownstone (our local diner with cheapiecheap prices) and then car shopping. We test drove two Honda CRVs and a Subaru Impreza RS. I didn’t actually drive them; my task was to sniff them out to determine if the previous drivers had transported dogs, smoked cigarettes or done random stinky things that had been covered up by 1) fake new car smell, or b) bad deodorizers such as Febreeze.

The cars all checked out ok. I detected nothing odd or foul, beyond the usual tell-tale off-gassing of inexpensive synthetic fabric and pleather.

I wasn’t excited about any of the models. They’re just basic cars, with the Subaru maybe the sportier of the three? At one point, I said something like, “well, you know, they’re just cars. Basic, reliable, sensible, CARS. They’re not my dream car by any stretch. They’re just a Point A-to-Point B solution with AWD for snow.”

Dealer: Oh, so what’s your dream car?

Me: Oh, I like old, impractical cars. My dream ones would be a 1970s white BMW 2002 tii, or a mid-70s Alfa Romeo GTV. Not exactly reliable, or sensible, or easy to service and maintain, but you know, really, really cool.

Dealer: Oh. Well maybe when you win the lottery?

Me: If I win the lottery, I’m not just getting a car. I’m getting a car… and driver! Dude, driving’s for suckers. I’m getting chauffered.

Hey even in the ‘burbs, a girl can dream.

8:56 a.m. - 2004-09-07



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