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Patati patata

Bear with me. This one’s disjointed to say the least.

Québécois French threw me for a loop.

The accent became intelligible after a few hours, but some of their words and idioms took me a little longer.

For example:

Blueberry in FrenchFrench: une myrtille
Blueberry in QuébécFrench: un bleuet

A “bleuet” in FrenchFrench is a cornflower.

Ice cream in FrenchFrench: une glace
Ice cream in QuébécFrench: une crème glacée

There were others but I can’t remember them. Oh wait a second: we had bagels at St. Viateur, and cream cheese was on the menu as “fromage à la crème.” There is no such animal in FrenchFrench as far as I know. I can’t remember ever eating a bagel IN FRANCE, actually. Do they have them? Or did the bagels leave with the jewish refugees after WWII? Or are bagels more of an Eastern European jewish thing? Hmm.

I saw a dentist today. He took an x-ray, told me I needed a crown and gave me an appointment for November 6th. Why the wait? Because the dentist has to send a letter and a copy of the x-ray to the insurance company for approval of my treatment. Apparently the dentist’s professional word is not enough to justify fixing my tooth.

I can’t believe how jive this dental plan is. I’m on TA’s plan, and he works for one of the nation’s biggest medical manufacturing conglomerates, and this is the quality of medical coverage they offer their employees? That’s criminal.

What’s more criminal, actually, is the fact that we don’t have a national healthcare system in this country. Shouldn’t every person in this allegedly great democracy be entitled to stellar healthcare, regardless of socio-economic class, or race, or religion? No “separate but equal” bullshit? That’s really the bigger question, I guess.

Anyway I just have to be “careful” with my tooth. My “treatment” is I have to spend an entire month staying away from crunchy or hard foods, and chewing on one side of my mouth. I expect the tooth-themed nightmares to continue.

On a completely unrelated note: have I mentioned that the squirrels of Connecticut are currently out of their fucking minds? They know the season’s about to change, and they’ve been running all over the roads in a total hysterical panic. “WINTER IS COMING! WINTER IS COOOOOOOOMING!” They are behaving so erratically, so nuttily (ha ha!), it is no surprise that there are practically piles of little furry cadavers by the freeways. I giggle at how spastic they are when they’re contemplating whether or not to dash across the street, but it’s no laughing matter when you have to screech to a stop to save one little mammal from extinction.

4:01 p.m. - 2004-09-23



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