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No rest for the weary

I got my hair cut yesterday and once I got home and washed the styling creme out of my hair, I felt a LOT better.

She used this stuff. It smells like candy but Iím not too fond of the way it goops up my hair. I was in a generous mood, and let the stylist have fun. Stylists looooove to play with my hair.

The other big accomplishment yesterday was putting up the wall in my studio and painting it. We used homasote so that the wall could serve as an idea/presentation/bulleting board. And itís a green solution even! Yay us.

This is the framework of the wall (see all the crap behind it? The wall was built to conceal all of that. Couldnít have those big ugly junction boxes exposed in my space, oh noÖ) And the bonus is that we now have a little storage area.

This is the framework covered in two sheets of homasote (trimmed to 75Ē wide)

There isnít a shot of it painted white, but thatís the other thing we did last night: we painted it blinding white. Photo tk.

Today we have to put a metal channel all along the exposed edge, hang a little shelf in front of the seam, run some molding along the bottom, sweep, think about where the furniture is supposed to go, maybe run to IKEA for some little lights (for the top edge of the wall) and a curtain solution for the side thatís open.

If thereís time, weíll also head to our new apartment to clean. You cannot imagine how dirty the place is. There are about 40 pounds of cat hair and 20 pounds of dust in every nook and cranny.

Weekends were made for more work.

9:36 a.m. - 2004-10-02



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