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We emptied the Dyson so that we would be able to see just how much dust and dirt and car hair it would collect in one vacuuming session at the new place.

And you know what?

It picked up a LOT.

Terence was horrified, sounding exactly like my mother. ďHow can people live with all of that hair? How can they sleep knowing itís hiding in every recess, every corner? How can they think their apartment is clean?Ē

Re: dust or cat hair
If you canít see it, itís not there. And if you donít have allergies, you donít sense its presence.

After an hour of cleaning, my allergies were in full swing. I had forgotten to take an antihistamine so by the end of the day, I had itchy skin, watery eyes, and the sniffles. No asthma, thank god. That would have been a total bummer. ďWelcome to your new apartment! The apartment that sends you to the emergency room!Ē

The studio is 80% finished. We need to move all of my crap in, arrange it, get the phone lines/DSL set up and then itíll be ready. I canít wait to have a space dedicated to work and creative pursuits.

Pity that I wasnít able to get this off the ground in the cities I actually WANTED to live in, but Iím trying to take advantage of being here. Yeah, itís boring and Iím not sold on New England charm, but hey, I finally have the means to own an apartment, lease a studio space, perhaps take a November trip to Paris, and drive a newish car. And I still have a boyfriend who rocks my small, self-centered universe (scroll to bottom.) I am attempting to embrace the silver lining.

For example, I am not going to be bitter that I am not going to see New York City Ballet or that I missed the last Jose Limon series with my favorite dancer in the world (favorite because a) he is beautiful to watch, and b) he was in my dance classes in college and I know him to be not only talented but also fantastically swell.) I am not going to be sad that I donít have tickets for Rilo Kiley or Mouse on Mars, or seats for ďThe ForeignerĒ with Matthew Br0derick.

I got a cute haircut and life is ok.

3:16 p.m. - 2004-10-04



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