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Friends and migration

The visit with Harriet was wonderful. It was so nice to have a friend here, someone who understands us completely and laughs at the same shit. We talked and ate and it was as though we were sitting on the front stoop of her flat in West Hollywood, enjoying post-yoga chai and the sunshine.

I have no problem sounding like a California cliché. The further away I get, the more I want to wear the state on my sleeve.

On friends and migration: when Terence and I moved away to university, we had no friends besides eachother. We were always driving up to SF to feel whole, to hang out with like-minded folk, go scootering, or eat and see shows. It took a good 3 yrs before we found kindred spirits at school, and by then we were already planning our graduation/exit strategy. In telling fashion, our bestest pals ended up being a French guy, and 3 exchange students from Darmstadt, Germany--all folks who would eventually leave!

There’s nothing wrong with being a little Bohemian and on the move. It appeals to my Buddhist-dabbling black eyeglass-wearing Beat side, snap, snap. It’s important for me to challenge my sense of comfort, to play the edges of satisfaction. I am never more bored than when my life is predictable and plodding forward according to everyone’s expectations.

Anyway, it was nice to spend a few days with Harriet and to realize that even when she’s far away, she’s still close. I know that seems trite and I don’t care. So long as I don’t sound like the pot-smoking Topanga-living sister of the mom on Six Feet Under, that’s fine.

2:50 p.m. - 2004-10-07



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