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Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

You know whatís better than eating homemade enchiladas suizas with globs of sour cream on top?

Eating enchiladas suizas with globs of sour cream on top while watching this ďcompelling new show about weight lossĒ!

I chased my Mexican food with cookies and a piece of chocolate and felt a little bit bad about the fatties on the show. I mean, thereís a side of me that realizes that it must be really uncomfortable to be that big, but the other side of meóthe BIGGER side if you willójust incoherently screams ďput that Twinkie down!Ē Have these folks no self respect? No vanity? Havenít they ever heard the saying ďNothing tastes as good as being thin feels?Ē

God bless the overweight, they are keeping TA employed (he designs some of the tools used for gastric bypass surgery.) If it werenít for the morbidly obese, we wouldnít have a roof over our heads or a newish car with heated seats and a functioning defrost. I am grateful.

Mr Bingo is going to be NY this weekend. We are trying to coordinate and as usual, it is complicated by the fact that his dance card is full. It would be so much easier if we lived in Manhattan; we could casually meet for drinks or go shopping for a few hours, Metro North train schedules be damned! Thereís talk of maybe meeting at Dia:Beacon which is sort of halfway between, but Mr Bingo, being the fabulously well-connected gadabout that he is, will be there with all sorts of graphic design luminaries and I donít know if Iíll have the stamina to deal with that. Truth is, Iíd like to spend time with Mr Bingo not with Mr Bingo and his Entourage.

After the fatty show, I watched Down with Love and I wanted it to be better. I really did. As much charisma and sparkle as Ewan has, it was not enough to cancel out the terribleness of squinchy-faced Miss Renee. I donít get her popularity; I really donít.

In high school there was a fairly popular smart girl that I didnít like, and I had the misfortune of dating her older brother. He was always trying to get the two of us together for ďtalksĒ to try to ďget along.Ē If you think I am intransigeant now, just try to imagine me a hundred times more so at 17. This girl even came up to me between classes once, and asked why I didnít like her.

Her: I donít get it. Why donít you like me?

Me: I just donít.

Her: (quizzical expression)

Me: Look, I donít like you. I know you have many qualities and other stuff to recommend you, but I just donít think we have anything in common besides your brother.

Her: I donít see what Iíve done to make you not like me.

Me: Thereís nothing you could have done to avoid it. Hey even Christ had enemies, and he was a standup guy. Sorry!

Can you believe Iíve mellowed with age? Itís true! I swear it!

5:16 p.m. - 2004-10-20



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