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This haven, neither New nor Fair

Ooh, I forgot another one of my songs! There’s a cereal they sell at Trader Joe’s called Autumn Wheat, and I can’t say it without singing their song called What I Could Stand For. I think the MOS live near me, in one of the Havens (New, North, West, East or Fair.)

Anyway, instead of singing “It's autumn, love,” I sing “It’s autumn, wheat” and it makes breakfast ten times better.

The unfortunate news is that the November Parisian jaunt is off the decks. With everything that’s happened and happening (apt purchase, car purchase, studio fixing up, apartment construction and repairs, furniture and cabinetry acquisition, software and hardware upgrades, the March trip to Switzerland) it didn’t seem prudent to spend a fortune on international travel just yet.

There are two positive aspects to this decision.

The first is that I will be here for her launch party, and I cannot wait to hug her and toast her success with an overflowing glass of champagne.

The second is that I will spend Thanksgiving in LA. Besides looking forward to drinking good coffee, eating authentically delicious Mexican food, indulging in tons of Anusara classes, I cannot wait to see friends, liberal Democrats and the sun. There are not enough of those things in my neighborhood.

Some guy that TA works with went to see “Shall We Dance?” the other day, and picked one theater over another because “that other one has too many minorities.” I kid you not. I guess he doesn’t mind seeing a minority like Jennifer Lopez as long as she’s far away and on screen, not waiting in line next to him. It’s no wonder TA comes home from work so depressed. It’s hardly uplifting working with racists.

I might be lonesome in my little studio sometimes, but at least I don’t work with racists.

1:09 p.m. - 2004-10-27



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