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Beauty with cruelty

My wax yesterday afternoon exceeded my expectations. To say that my expectations were low would be an enormous understatement. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and had not only smooth legs, but a very nicely shaped and groomed couscous. And the treatment room was clean with nary a splash of wax on the walls or floor. Yay.

The aesthetician was good, and only left me with two red splotches which is an improvement over my last waxing experience which left me with a) errant fur, b) splotches, and c) burst capillaries.

Once again in this department, the French rule. They have quickie wax franchises that are inexpensive and practical. You buy a monthly or yearly membership, then pay small fees for each service, no appointment necessary. You show up, tell them what you want and boom, itís done for a fraction of what it costs here. Iím sure there are franchises all over Europe by now. If I were smarter, Iíd figure out a way to start a quickie waxing salon here. American women could be once and for all liberated from razor enslavement.


Today I went shopping and I did not find a coat. Instead, I bought:
- 2 bras
- a Tocca candle
- grooming scissors
- lip balm
- decaf green tea (which Iíve found they only sell at Starbucks and I hate the fact that I have to spend money at that place)

I asked a Bobbie Brown representative to put concealer on me, and I donít think she did a very good job. It could be that my undereye area was not sufficiently moisturized and thatís why it caked up and looked weird. Or it could be that the repís retinas, which had been permanently damaged by the tanning bed that had baked her skin to a deep rust color, could no longer distinguish one skintone from another.

After that, I decided to conduct my own makeup experiments at Sephora. Once I wiped off the excess concealer, I found that my eyes did indeed look more awake. So concealerís still on the shopping list, but will require more brand, texture and color research. I swiped some Benefit Dandelion on my cheeks and I looked cute, but good lord, that brand is too expensive and I hate the cutesy names of their products. I am not convinced that their products merit their price tag. Next, I applied NARS lipstick in Timbuktu, and though I liked the color, I couldnít justify paying $22 for lipstick. So I turned around, headed back to the MAC counter and compared Del Rio with Verve and Retro (I think one of those colors will replace the one almost-empty tube I have rolling around in my handbag) and the dude working the counter gave me some free samples of moisturizer and eye cream. I've found that the Men of MAC are more generous with the freebies than the Ladies. I don't know why this is. Anyway, voila voila.

4:33 p.m. - 2004-10-28



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