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Workers unite

In de/construction news: we have made good progress. A guy from TA’s office helped him transport 2x4s and sheetrock from The Home Despot to our apartment, and we spent the weekend framing the wall and closets in the dining room.

See how the doors face the dining room in this photo? (try to look beyond the sellers’ ugly furniture.)

Neither one of us liked how those doors created so much noise in the dining area. Who can eat peacefully with doors like that staring at you? Who puts doors there? It makes no kind of sense.

Those doors are now gone and in their place is 2x4 framing for a flat sheetrock wall. The doors will be relocated to the sides so that what faces the dining room will be a clean wall with molding at the bottom. The door around the corner on the left-hand side will be for storage and coats; the door around the corner on the right-hand side will house the washer/dryer and linens.

Makes way more sense.

Once the closet is complete, we will enlarge the pass-through window (goes from kitchen to DR.) That will require more destruction and sheetrock smashing. Most of the dirty messy work should be finished before Thanksgiving.

I am having trouble sustaining interest in all of this handiwork. I write about it like it’s exciting and fun! Fun! Fun! But the truth is I get bored easily. I have a lot of energy for the first 2 hours and then I just crash. I sweep, I do handstands, I drag my feet. I am so lucky that TA is 150% committed and having fun and knows what he’s doing. We’d have already spent a fortune hiring a contractor to do the work if I'd had my way.

Yesterday was pretty boring except for this article in the Times. It really made my Sunday.

Finally, thanks for your concealer suggestions. Based on overwhelmingly positive feedback, I am going to investgiate Armani, Cle de Peau and YSL. Keep your recommendations coming! I need all the help I can get.

2:46 p.m. - 2004-11-01



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