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Cake and humble pie

Yes, it's true--hope springs eternal but so does despair.

I am bummed out. Kerry just conceded defeat.

Last night, a woman at yoga looked around the room and said, “Oh no, we’re all wearing black. I hope that isn’t a bleak portend of things to come.”

To which I said: “I always wear black.”

I took this quiz the other while I was waiting at the dentist’s office.

No surprise, my score was 4, meaning that I am “highly skeptical, resistant to developing spiritual awareness.” I question everything, not just concepts of faith and god. I’ve also been called an Existentialist. Maybe that’s where the black comes in? I think the universe is indifferent to our struggles. All human beings can do is try to make the best of a hostile, illogical situation.

Or maybe I’m just talking about Democrats?

Terence went to work and had to listen to exuberant cheers of “Four More Years!” and other such nonsense from sanctimonious, I-told-you-so conservatives. I kid you not one machinist actually said: "if Kerry had won, we’d be seeing the Indian doctor with a dot on the head, while they got to see the Jewish doctors."

Huh? WTF!

By “they”, does that guy mean rich people? Or democrats? Or worse yet, liberals? Hard to say. And what about the “Indian doctor with the dot on the head” versus the “Jewish doctor”? TA is surrounded by colossal racist nincompoopery and it is totally, totally depressing.

We just have to laugh at these idiots, I guess. How well off can they be? Can't they see that the plight of the worker is the same, no matter the color or religion? Wait until these blue-collar Bush supporters get laid off or retire. They will be in for a shock.

Ah, the triumph of the simple lie (things are good) over the complicated truth (things are fucked). Meanwhile people are being decapitated in Iraq. Is that message just not clear enough?

11:40 a.m. - 2004-11-03



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