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Watching paint dry

OK, I just learned something really cool in OSX. This is just about the only thing I appreciate about the “new” operating system.

You can control-click on the name of a file or folder, select “create archive” from the pop-up menu, and zip it. No need for Stuffit or any other file compression software. Woohoo! (“Create archive” is also available in the file menu.)

FINALLY an improvement I can get behind. (By the way I’m sure this feature was available in an earlier release of the operating system, but I’m such a creature of habit, I never bothered to bone up on the improved “features.” Luddite.)

I’ve also learned that while in LA, we are going to a screening of The Life Aquatic that concludes with a Wes Anderson Q&A. Oh it’s nice to have friends in high places, I tell you. “Sign my butt! Teach me to read, Wes!” (This reference only makes sense if you, like me, enjoyed Tapeheads.)

Speaking of high places, last night I painted the apartment with the actual color (not primer!) I spent from 7-10pm doing all the corners and seams in the kitchen, and the space is so much brighter than before, it’s crazy. It’s still a tiny little galley, but at least now cooking in it will not seem like a punishment. New cabinets, counter, lighting, sink and appliances (a 2005 project) will really transform the space.

The floor guy stopped by last night to give us an estimate. He was on time, professional, and gave us a quote that seems incredibly reasonable. The refinishing will take about 2 days, and the floors will need an additional 2 days to “cure” after that.

Because they begin the refinishing the day we return from LA, we have got to kick our painting into high gear. And we have got to start aggressively throwing things out. There are still random boards, 2x4 chunks, and crumbles of sheetrock laying about. Do you know how much I love pitching things into dumpsters? It’s my favorite part about moving/relocating/organizing. I would have made an exemplary bulimic—I loooove purging.

A nice segue from eating disorders: I’ve been faithfully taping ANTM, and only last night sat down to watch some of my archived footage. It is nothing but snow and static! I am so bummed! Of course, I still watched the episodes (driving TA completely mad) and enjoyed them, but I have to admit that this season is not very good. Where is the Elyse and Adrienne vs the Christians brimstone and fire? Where is the Shandy meltdown? Get Tyra on the phone! Stat!

9:37 a.m. - 2004-11-19



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