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Going back to CA

Oh my god, California rules. I know I was born here, and I know that I haven't been to very many states in this great nation of ours so I don't have much knowledge, but man oh man, it's good to be here.

Besides the plentiful, delicious and cheap Mexican food, there is the friendly service and general silly funkiness to be excited about.

Other random silly funkiness?
- seeing Shann0n Elizabeth at The Groove
- shopping at the Red Dress Sh0ppe and not only finding clothes that fit, but actually buying them
- Peet's coffee
- coffee and cupcakes from J0an's on Third
- going to my old yoga studio and being remembered (and the class was superfun)
- getting a new plaid M0dern Amusement coat from a friend (but this was bittersweet since the store no longer exists on Third. But it has been replaced by a new one that sells not only VPL but United Bamb0o which I lo0ve. So yeah, bittersweet.)
- friendly nice people
- gorgeous weather
- over the top surgeried women. Never thought that would warm the old cockles, but there you go. It's that silly funkiness again!
- going to the screening of a friend's film and crying cause it was so good
- seeing S0ndre Lerche on Wednesday
- hearing good Hollywood gossip from people, not gawker
- getting a haircute

I'm sure there's more but I don't want to spoil the magic.

6:30 p.m. - 2004-11-29



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