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Feeling Frenchy's

I’m officially back from my LA vacation and it’s snowing outside. I sometimes think this is the only advantage to living here: I get to experience a winter with snow and hats and wool coats and scarves and kittens with mittens. Snow is pretty.

While we were gone, the floors in the new apartment were redone. We saw them for the first time yesterday and although they are much improved, our excitement turned to disappointment when we found tons of hairs trapped in the varnish, and noticed all the swirl marks left by the sanding.

The good news is that it’s not a crisis. We decided that most buyers will not get on their hands and knees to inspect the finish. They’ll most likely walk into the space and be floored. Ha ha. Only freaky designers will notice and we’re not planning on selling to any of those people.

Tonight TA paints the main space while I sand and prep the molding. We move this weekend and want the bedroom to be officially done. Once the painting is complete, we have to get a closet organization system and window treatments in place. I cannot wait to check. that. box.

Did I tell you the story of the missing Percocet? I was at the Toiletries stage of my packing when I noticed that one entire bottle was empty. I had two bottles: each one contained 10 pills, each was a non-refillable prescription.

I know I only took 3 pills TOTAL. When I am prescribed a controlled substance, I am very careful and pay close attention to how many pills I take, and I save them for those times when I am in beyond-ibuprofen pain, or I have to go to IKEA on a weekend. One whole bottle was empty. Why would I keep a non-refillable bottle of medication?

A few days before we left, the apartment complex sent a maintenance crew to all the units to do routine “maintenance.” Apparently, routine “maintenance” involves checking your heating, your fridge, and your medicine cabinet.

The good news? Nothing truly important was stolen. The bad news? They have keys to my apartment. What’s to stop them from taking something else? Today’s it’s prescription pain killers, tomorrow my MJ handbags or coat or shoes.

Thank god Terence is calling the apartment complex management company. I am too incensed to have a reasonable discussion.

Let me end on a happy note: I got a fantastic haircut in LA. My bangs are back to their fierceness, and I feel revitalized. Never underestimate the power of a trip to the coolest salon in the world. And the bonus? I got a cute zippit hoodie so I can be part of the gang. Or as one of the stylists said, “You can represent!”

1:36 p.m. - 2004-12-06



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