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It's cold outside

It was 20.3 degrees fahrenheit this morning when I walked out to the car. Thatís Ė6.5 celsius! Brrrr!

Thank god I found my clothes. I am feeling more like myself now that I am wearing things that I picked out rather than picked up off the floor. I even made a day of it and washed my hair. Iím nutty like that.

The apartment is starting to feel more and more like it actually belongs to us. Every night we empty more boxes, arrange the contents and move things around like in one of those puzzles with just the one piece missing? At some point, the puzzle will be solved, every little square will have its place and the picture will be complete, but I suspect that this wonít happen for a few months. While I donít enjoy living in a construction zone, this is nothing compared to what life will be like when the kitchen and bathroom get torn out. Iím trying to keep things in perspective.

In fluff news, I am so glad that Guy decided to write this. Although he doesnít touch on my reasons for gifting myself at Christmastime (resentment) he does cover a lot of bases. Iíve been over this christmas resentment territory before. I wish a sweater from Curve would make it all better (actually Iíd take the Curve cash, run across the street to Kitson and get myself that damned L.A.M.B. cardi Iíve been whining about. Iíd even put up with their abysmal service.)

This year, I am kicking the Grinch to the curb by reminding myself of all of the good that has happened this year, abortion and ass surgery and broken teeth notwithstanding. 2004 has been alright in my book, stressful but on the whole an Experience with a Capital E. I may not be able to give myself a lavish gift as a reminder, but a studio for work, a diamond-in-the-rough apartment, a car that runs, vacations to Montreal and LA, money for groceries and utilities ainít half bad.

3:18 p.m. - 2004-12-15



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