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Not old school, just OLD

Did I mention that a while ago at a New Haven cafe, I was told: "your outfit is so cute. You look like a little munchkin"?

At a party last month, someone said to me "Wow, you're so youthful!" I guess the person I was talking to was surprised to find out how old I really am. (I'd been drinking so I told her the real number. You all know that I regularly lie in order to prevent the usual shock and astonishment that follow a truthful admission. It gets old after a while.)

I used to think it was my height that made people assume I was younger than I am. I am youthful because I am not fully grown?

My new theory is that people on the East Coast are just OLD. Even when they're younger than me. I swear to God, there's something about living here that makes folks age at an alarming rate. How else to explain all the NPR stations that switch to classical for 9 milion hours a day, or the dinner lines at 5pm?

You Californians?
Don't leave.

2:38 p.m. - 2004-12-29



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