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me and Daniel Day-Lewis

I wonít get a professional opinion on My Left Foot until Monday when I finally see a podiatrist, but I believe that I do not have gout, the disease of French Kings.

I donít have the typical gout symptoms which is a huge relief. My aunt was afflicted with the disease so the genetic predisposition is definitely there. Also good news is the fact that I do not habitually consume mass quantities of either organ meat or shellfish. This will do a lot to keep uric acid levels in the normal range.

Phew! Thank god I gave up salade de gesiers!

My older sister suggested I take up smoking. ďIf youíre going to be unhealthy, go balls out and start with some unfiltered Camels. Fuck yoga.Ē

I donít understand why my body is breaking down when I treat it like a temple. Who is desecrating my temple? Is there some Maccabean revolt happening inside of me? Or has Jesus overturned the merchant tables of my soul? I even checked my horoscope to determine which celestial bodies might be conspiring to break me down, and I came up with nothing.

More exciting that the cataloguing of my physical deterioration are these items:

- TA will be featured in an art show at this gallery. The opening is this Saturday, and a short limp from our apartment. He impressed an artist who was visiting his office, so she put him in her show. I view this as the beginning of his Rise to Greatness. He would never say that; he is much too modest.<

- We are going to spend the weekend of the 28th in Manhattan. TA has his NYU group interview that Friday, and the Rockstar will be performing Saturday night at this venue on the LES (her band is the one that starts with S and goes on at 11pm. To hear what her music sounds like, go to her site which is the name of her band dot com.) We figured we can also roll in some wedding outfit shopping. I wish Thom Browne suits were not so prohibitively expensiveóIíd buy one for Terence, and one for me. I know I should be more fashion-forward and look to Hedi for guidance, but I canít resist that tweaked 60s aesthetic!

- We are very close to finalizing our Gstaad/Paris plans. I feel so Tyler Brule just saying that.

- The Space Invaders t-shirt that I bought for Terence is so cool. Almost as cool as the two new Fred Perrys I got him at Nomads and Citizen.

- Mighty Leaf tea. I bought some in Vanilla Bean, and Orange Dulce, and they are so delicious and special. Tea time is ten times more grand now.

- My younger sister gave me a photo that she found at my parentsí house. Itís a picture of me on a picnic blanket in Golden Gate Park. I canít be more than 7 years old, and I am rocking a shaggy, Jane Fonda in Klute hairdo that looks awesome. Iím taking it with me to my next hair appointment.

- My Gentry de Paris fabulous underfinery! I am already a huge fan of the cashmere knickers, and canít wait to lounge around in my silk and Calais lace nuisettes.

3:57 p.m. - 2005-01-20



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