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Big baby

Today is the first day since my podiatry appointment that Iíve walked about without my bandage/sling thingie. There is no pain in my foot that I can sense. Guess the cortisone shot must have done the trick.

Oh the glory of modern medicine! Without it, I would be dead long time, Charlie. Seriously: with my asthma and other childhood illnesses, I would never have made it past 3 or 4 years. I spent most of kindergarden wheezing in the hospital.

Actually, I almost wasnít even born alive, so stuck was I in the birth canal. From what Iíve been told, it was scary and touch and go for a while, with my mother slipping in and out of consciousness, the white coats snapping latex gloves.

Maybe I just wasnít ready to be around. Thatís how Iíve always looked at it, anyway. I had it good in the womb and wasnít leaving til I was truly prepared for primetime.

When I was 17, my two best friends were 2 years younger. My best friend Harriet? 3 years younger. Mr Bingo? 3 years younger. Ned? 4 years younger. Iíve never felt a kinship with my peer group, preferring instead the company of younger people. Itís always been this way.

The birth trauma might be responsible for more than just my persistent lung disease. Hey, it could also be why I hate telling people my real age! Or why I love Bright Eyes and Green Day and The OC! Or why this blog has no driving theme that would make it appealing to publishers! Yes! Yes! Itís not that Iím retarded; Iím merely stunted! Iím from two years ago, not today!

Phew. Thank god for the twin cultures of adultescence and blame. I'd have no raison d'Ítre otherwise.

12:11 p.m. - 2005-02-01



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