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Three days without the phone ringing

Three day weekends mean:

painting, painting and more painting.
The place is really shaping up. Maybe once the mess is cleared, Iíll post some photos. Iím starting to really like it.

I made macaroni and cheese with half gruyere, half smoked gouda, topped the whole thing with old baguette crumbs, and my god, it was so delicious. Iíve tried many recipes, including the Martha one that everyone raves about, and Iíve got to say: the Silver Palate ladies kick ass. I also tried my hand at pot roast, and the results were yummy albeit a bit fatty. I think next time I will cook the vegetables separately and get a leaner cut of meat. For dessert, I poached pears in simple syrup, threw in half a vanilla bean and some lemon juice and ate greedily while finally watching an episode of Project Runway. If only weíd discovered our free basic cable earlier! Iím sure I would have been addicted.

grocery shopping at the vegetable market formerly known as the Produce Market from Hell Where Unhappy Shrews Glare and Make Rude Remarks.
The trick is to go on Saturday. Thatís when the teenagers work the registers, and the Housewives from Hell are at home watching that idiot Rachel Ray make her downmarket proclamations.

reading the New York Times in bed.
I separate the sections, then makes three piles: coupons/circulars, fun, boring. Did you all see Gentry in T, the magazine? That was very exciting. If you missed it, you can still read the article here, though sadly there are no pictures. Maybe she will post some soon? I also mostly enjoyed the interview with Karl, though I feel the journalist did him a great disservice by deciding that the one unique characteristic responsible for his incredible output, talent and longevity is his ďGerman-ness.Ē Cathy Horynn, you disappoint me.

watching the snow from our windows
Most people think itís a pain in the ass. I still think itís pretty.

finally seeing the final season of SATC
It pains me to admit that I am (a much cuter) Miranda. Most of her lines seemed lifted directly from my mouth.

8:25 p.m. - 2005-02-21



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