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Bak bak bak

I watched some red carpet arrivals and realized that all those years I didnít have cable? I wasnít missing anything! The coverage was sycophantic and boring. Or maybe itís because I donít have PREMIUM cable that I missed the ďgoodĒ coverage? I was expecting far more fashion analysis, a lot less ass-kissing.

The weekend was spent on home projects, working on my book project, cleaning and organizing and buying a special snowboard gear travel bagÖ generally freaking out about going away for two weeks to Switzerland and France. And yes, I know that makes me sound like an asshole.

I have managed to make an appointment with a banker at my rue de Rennes branch of the BNP, so hopefully while in Paris, Iíll be able to use my Carte Bleue at the very most, withdraw euros at the very least. The exchange rate for the dollar sucks, and Iíve got euros just sitting in an account, begging to be spent somewhere on rue de Grenelle. Iris? Bruno Frisoni? Christian Louboutin? Prada?

Last night I made a very delicious roast chicken with onion rosemary gravy, and I canít even believe how easy and delicious it was. Iím sure it helped that we splurged and bought a free-range bird. At the market, the cashier said, ďYou like free-range?Ē

Me: Yeah.

Cashier: I donít.

Me: Do you find them too juicy? (too delicious? too full of flavor? too free of chemicals and growth hormones? Too--dare I say it?óChickeny?)

Cashier: Thereís something about the texture. Maybe theyíre too rubbery, or squishy?

TA: I sometimes like chicken dry, and free-range chicken isnít dry.

Cashier: All I know is, one time? At the Mohegan Sun? My husband and I had dinner before a Paul McCartney concert, and I ordered chicken, and the menu didnít say free-range? But when I got the chicken, I knew. And I sent it back.

Me: (Iím sure the menu said ďfree-rangeÖ) Well, itís good that you know what you like. (and now thereís more chickeny chicken in the world for me.)

Recipe available upon request.

12:29 p.m. - 2005-02-28



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