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Memoire d'elephant

I leave for “vacation” on Tuesday. Life between now and my JFK 9pm departure is going to be one crazy insane semi-organized mess.

While I am not accounting for every minute that ticks by like this guy James (scroll down), I am feeling pretty wired. To the point where I am anxious all the time, trying to do ten things at once and generally only successfully accomplishing four. It helps that I’ve switched to caffeinated tea. Or maybe it’s the caffeine that’s responsible for my paltry 40% achievement rate?

In any case.

Yoga is sort of helping. The classes last an hour and a half, and I’d say that I spend about a good hour of those classes not thinking about work. That leaves me with 30 minutes for my mind to jump around from topic to topic like a nervous flea.

My feet are better. This is good cause “vacation” means “walking until you grind your feet into a bloody pulp.” The neuromas don’t hurt/ache the way they did before; unfortunately because they not longer cause me discomfort, I am now more aware of my other myriad ailments.

I had a friend named Cornelia who said that your body regenerates every 7 yrs. Right now I’m between my 5th and 6th “regeneration” and I’m wondering if my physical deterioration is a sign or something. Like from this point forward, instead of regenerating I will be decomposing? I sometimes wish people wouldn’t tell me things like that. I can’t NOT REMEMBER THEM and they haunt me FOREVER. Cornelia told me that in 1993, and it’s 12 yrs later, and I’m still thinking about it.

It’s like Harriet who told me that this is the Year of Acceleration. Her very metaphysical and very LA therapist said that things will go by faster this year than ever before, and that the Tsunami was the first indication of this Time shift. So now I can’t stop remembering that THIS IS THE YEAR OF ACCELERATION so perhaps this is why I am falling apart at an alarming rate? Or that every project I get involved with is on a 4-alarm crazy-ass schedule? What else does this “acceleration” mean for me? Are there any benefits? Cause all I can think of are the disadvantages.

Another thing I can’t NOT REMEMBER, but at least this one always cracks me up.I once read an interview with Luke Wilson where he brushed off an interviewer’s “You are Hot Young Thing now!” remark by saying something like, “What are you talking about? I’m an old man! I wear Mephistos!” Man, it kills me every time.

I feel you, Luke.

4:43 p.m. - 2005-03-03



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