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Add one to the countries visited list

T minus one. Or is it D (for Departure) minus 1? I think of myself as fairly glib with American vernacular, but every now and then the compartments that house French and Spanish jam my American systems.

It’s the reason why I always misspell “responsible” and why when tired, I used less language and more European hand jive. Good thing I’m traveling to Europe this week! I’ll be able to sign and pftt and ouai with the best of them.

When we went to LA at Thanksgiving, we packed the way we usually do and brought everything we needed in one suitcase with wheels. A friend of ours remarked, “Where are the other bags?”

TA: “What other bags? This is it.”

Friend: “Dude, you’re my hero!”

This time around, we are going to try and take just two bags: one with the snowboarding crap, one suit bag with all of our regular clothes. I’m sure it will be fine on the way over; coming home will be another story. We will try to only acquire tiny things.

Examples of tiny things on my list:
- a new Caudalie lipbalm (this is very tiny)
- maybe more Evian moisturizer? (also tiny)
- more Petit Bateau tanktops (can be packed tiny)
- another St James sweater or perhaps a t-shirt (these are not so tiny, however they are small in volume when flattened)

On the whole, I just want to spend time walking around, looking at things, shopping but not necessarily buying, hanging out with friends, wandering our old quartier and making ourselves misty-eyed for our old (tiny) apartment. And eating. Lots and lots of viennoiseries, crepes, sandwiches, and boxes and boxes of dark chocolate Pepitos cookies.

And Switzerland! I’ve never been. I have no idea what to expect beyond the clichés (chocolate, Heidi, chalets, giant Alps.) This is going to be an adventure.

1:01 p.m. - 2005-03-07



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