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Falling apart at the joints

“Numbness in your fingertips could just be Raynaud’s Phenomenon which is quite common. But I’m concerned about your joint pain. Does anyone in your family have lupus?”

I had some blood drawn, and am now waiting for the results. I hope I don’t have lupus. Lupus? It’s a fucking Monty Python skit! I don’t want to end up like ANTM’s adorable Mercedes, and mispronounce “haute couture” as “hoo kootoo.”

I can’t imagine how my insurance rates are going to spike when I add “lupus” to the list of things that afflict me. Gah.

My primary care doctor also diagnosed me with tendonitis in my elbow and shoulder, and ordered me to rearrange my very unergonomic desk setup. Of course this prescription comes at a time when I am totally under the gun and have no time whatsoever to dismantle my desk and everything on top of it. Maybe Sunday I’ll have an opening?

The joint pain is going to be examined today by an orthopedic specialist. I think the joint pain is the direct result of having walked on broken feet during my vacation, but I could be wrong. It could be something else.

In other news: Harriet and her boyfriend are coming to visit this Saturday! That is cause for jubilation.

8:32 a.m. - 2005-03-30



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