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Doctors with initials

Iíve decided I need to come up with some way of differentiating all the different doctors I go to. Today is the first day of my new system.

I just got back from seeing my allergist, Dr. L. Iíd forgotten how sort of cute and nerdy he was. What a pity his grant has run out, and that I will no longer be seeing him at the Yale/NH hospital. Maybe heíll go into private practice?

Apparently the asthmatic part of my physique is better than good. Itís great. Dr. L suggested I might want to try reducing the daily dose of my medication, working towards eliminating it entirely? That would be so weird, but Iím willing to try. An asthmatic without an inhaler? Is that also like a Pointer who canít point?

I also got a call from the Rheumatology department, and Iíve got an appointment with a specialist (Dr. B) this Thursday. I am so excited! And grateful that my primary care doctor (Dr. W) was able to get me in so soon. Of course, as happy as I am to have an appointment with a rheumatologist so quickly after being diagnosed, thereís the other neurotic side of me that thinks this is a reflection of how severe my condition is. Like, the reason they are rushing me in there is because I am fucked up de chez Fucked Up. Dr. W did say my blood was ďvery highĒ in rheumatoid factor.

At least, Iíve heard from Dr. Bís office. That is reassuring even if it also means that I am worse off than I suspected.

1:44 p.m. - 2005-04-26



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