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Yoga is not dancing

I want someone to write an article about the prevalence of yoga in dance today. I swear if I see another piece of choreography that is merely a bunch of asanas strung together, Iím going to scream.*

On her last tour, Madge was ďdancingĒ but really all she was doing was singing/lip-synching while going into pincha mayurasana and other postures.

This dancer has included a Koundinyasana variation into her performance:

And tell me the dancer on the left isnít in Warrior 3?

* Itís no secret that dancers routinely turn to other conditioning and strenghthening techniques to stay in shape. Yoga, along with pilates, feldenkrais, and gyrotonics, are hugely beneficial as supplementary training. Itís natural that yoga asanas would make their way into contemporary dance, but jesus, does it have to be so obvious?

I've got more to write, but need to rest my hands now.

10:11 a.m. - 2005-05-03



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