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Gettin' paid

This is the latest online thing I love. Type in ‘420’ and you get a tidy historical about the Marin County stoners who coined it. There are other groovy things on there as well.

Unfortunately a lot of the typically 1980s Californian expressions I use daily ARE NOT IN THERE. I am feeling ever so slightly OLD, debating whether or not I need to enter:
- to gel: meaning to forget as in “Sorry I didn’t send the package. I totally gelled!”
- to shine someone on: meaning to ignore as in “I asked her for directions, and she shined me on!”

I mean, why draw more attention to my age when my birthday next week will do that all on its own? (mark you calendars: it’s Tuesday.)

That urban dictionary site, and this stupid thing make me yearn for California where surf culture imbues everything, and folks don’t say “wicked”. I mean, honestly, “wicked”? Such an anemic superlative.

I finished two more little web proyectos. Taken all together, I think they look pretty good. I was really excited to discover over the weekend that a friend mine used some of this new artwork without even realizing that I’d designed it! And the extra bonus part? He couldn’t decide between two different options--and I designed both! That made me feel good.

I always complained about electronic invitations because I like sending things made of paper. Not only is it more personal to get a hand-written note, but printed paper is, after all, my livelihood. However when your livelihood is threatened with extinction because fewer and fewer people need things printed, you start to think that maybe the digital option is not so bad. Especially if your contribution is a positive one, and the client is nice and throws you steady assignments. So perhaps I have given in to the Man, perhaps I have seen the light of reason… I am just happy to have regular projects. If that makes me a hypocrite, so be it.

I gots to get paid!

3:51 p.m. - 2005-05-04



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