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I canít believe I actually bought a significant piece of furniture. Iíve got the cash, a van for transport, directions and a whole lot of excitement. Letís hope it doesnít disappoint when we go pick it up tomorrow morning. Iím trying to manage my expectations.

This is what is looks like:

As Mr Bingo said, if the veneer on top is not so great, we can always replace it with some high-gloss white laminate. Heís got a table in his apartment that I absolutely lust over every time I see itóhe built it himself, and itís got rounded corners, a shiny white top with beautiful walnut edges. I know heís consumed with erecting a design/writing/curating/research empire, but I really wish he would just open a store and hire himself out as an interiors person (then sell me some of his finds at ďfriendĒ prices.) He has a collectorís eye AND the midas touchóan unbeatable combination.

I finished two new templates, sent them off and am awaiting approval. Itís a good thing my hands feel better, because I am itching to do more work so I can finally acquire a sofa, a coffee table, a dining table, some sort of sideboard and bookshelves. Iíd love to splurge on an Area duvet and shams but sadly, neither is urgently needed. But look at how pretty they are!

Tuesday is my birthday and TA is taking a personal day so that we can see this show and this show. Also on the agenda:
- restorative sandwiches at the 2nd Ave Deli
- more furniture recon
- a birthday cupcake or two at the Magnolia Bakery (last time I was there I found them to be a bit dryÖ anyone have a better idea?)
- this grad show

Iím procrastinating in case you couldnít tell. Iíve got to come up with an estimate for the book project and Iím not in the mood. Feh. TA will be by here in less than an hour to pick me up and I bet I wonít accomplish anything between now and then.

Hey, itís my studio, Iím my own boss and I can shirk if I want to!

ps: The Summer/Seth/Zach triangle on The Oc? It's so Kelly/Brandon/Dylan!!

4:29 p.m. - 2005-05-06



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