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I had no idea DVF was a beard

FYI: If you ever have a meeting with businessman extraordinaire B*rry D*ller, remember to remove all staples from your handouts. The man hates staples like Joan Crawford hates wire hangers.

Long weekends usually mean sleeping in, right? Not for this freak. On Saturday I was awake at 5am, Sunday at 6:30am, and Monday at 6:15am. Iím really getting tired, literally and figuratively, of having pain get me up early. It ainít right. The other thing that is totally wrong is how fucked up this rheumatoid arthritis recovery is going. I donít do well with ďone step forward, three steps backĒ and thatís exactly what this feels like. Itís hard for me to maintain my enthusiasm and optimism when every other day I feel like I did a month ago, pre-meds. Itís good that I have an appointment with Dr. B this Thursday. Iíve got my nerdy list of questions ready, and I am hoping that the good doctor will shed light on my blood work and xrays and on my (doesnít really feel like it to me) progress.

Home projects continue apace. I donít actually do anything, mind you. I just watch TA work and offer him snacks and beverages. It feels so weird being useless like this. Iím used to contributing, and doing more than selecting music on the iPod, or preparing lunch. I know how to use the drill! I can paint! I know how to screw things together! Right now, I just canít. And it wonít get any better next week when I have my foot surgery and I am 100% unproductive and movement challenged.

Believe it or not, itís not all doom and gloom here. The weather is just beautiful today, and that makes me feel like things will be ok. Plus: a) Iím no longer taking Prednisone so I feel more like myself; b) I am wearing some chic new bermudas; c) I made an appointment for a facial.

1:33 p.m. - 2005-05-31



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