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License to ill

I had my second appointment with the rheumatologist today. I am feeling upbeat about my recovery. (I wonder how long that will last?) Unfortunately for my impatient ass, the old Me is not going to resurface overnight. I think I am going to have to take up meditation to deal with the challenge of WAITING for Me. I hate waiting! Especially for Me!

The doctors said my chest xray was normal, and that I tested negative for both Heps. My white blood cell count is normal which is good.

My Methotrexate dosage is being upped, and the Prednisone is being discontinued (yay!) If in a month or so, I am still waking up at 5am in agonizing pain, another rheumatoid drug will be added to the Methotrexate to increase its efficacy. I have to have blood work done every month for the next 6 months, and will begin physical therapy on my hands in the next few weeks.

The best news? I was given the green light to resume yoga! Even though beginning next week, I will be a gimp in a leg/foot cast, unable to do much of anything in the way of locomotion, I am still excited about being able to get back to yoga. I just know that as difficult as it might be initially (itís been months since I practiced last), it will be very good for my joints not to mention my morale. I canít wait to get started!

The doctor patiently listened to all of my concerns. I got out my little notebook, fired away and she answered each of my questions thoughtfully. That made me feel good, like, hey, I am taking an active role in the management of my illness, trying to understand My New Disease (good band name) by being informed and reading as much as possible. She didnít even laugh when I pulled out a Sunday advertising insert for some glucosamine/hyaluronic acid/condroitin supplement that claims to be a ďjoint care breakthrough.Ē (bogus, naturellement.)

I am in such a freaky good mood right now! Itís weird but Iím going to go with it. In fact, Iím going to put on some Pizzicato 5 and dance around my studio like an idiot.

4:52 p.m. - 2005-06-02



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