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Health assurances

For the past year or so, Iíve been covered by my Blue Cross of California plan.

Well BC of CA has just sent me an email saying I canít be covered forever when I live in a different state, so theyíve suggested I shop around locally then discontinue my plan with them once I have CT coverage.

I called Blue Cross of Connecticut, and guess what? Just because they share a logo and name with BC of CA doesnít mean they have anything to do with eachother! Thatís right, thereís no sharing of databases or nothing. Itís like the computer age never even happened.

So now I have to re-apply for health insurance and guess what? My rheumatoid arthritis has made me uninsurable under BCís individual plan. I am now among Americaís Uninsurables! How fucking jive is that?

The only positive is that BC of CT will ďhonorĒ BC of CA by offering me something called an ďInterplan Package.Ē I sputtered and fumed when the salesperson told me Iíd have to pay $1307 every 3 months, but I just did the math and itís really only $233 more than what Iíve been paying.

Even so, this country is totally screwed. When is anyone in office going to grow some huevos and do something about this crisis?

Today is Friday, and TA gets out of work at 1. You know what that means? I get out at 1, too! Woohoo!

1:18 p.m. - 2005-06-03



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