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Big Foot

She rules! She sleuthed my Amazon wishlist and sent me a surprise gift the other day. Now that Iím out of my Percocet-induced brume, Iíve started my new book, and believe itís going to come in really handy. Meditation, here I come!

The surgery went very well, very quickly (all of 40-45 mn Iím told). I love that Dr. K brought in his iPod and had Tom Tom Club playing as I jumped up on the operating table. I faded in and out of consciousness during the procedure, occasionally opening my eyes, occasionally mouthing lyrics to songs that I now cannot recall (Iím sure the anesthesiologist thought I was a kook.) I wonder if I was trying to sing? Or actually singing? Iíll have to ask the doctor when I see him tomorrow.

At one point, I was fully alert and asked to see the screw they were going to put in my foot.

ďSorry, but itís already in!Ē

My cast is really funny looking, like a giant lumpy potato at the end of my ankle. Iíve got a little cast that goes from foot to ankle, but then is additionally wrapped in yards and yards of spongy ace bandage. The doctor is still smarting from the time one of his patients fell, so he is super paranoid. Iím pretty sure that if I were to fall, I would just bounceóthatís how much additional padding there is outside of the plaster cast. Itís kind of ridiculous, actually.

Hobbling around on crutches is fine; stairs are annoying. The rheumatoid arthritis is under much better control (because now I can take my anti-inflammatories and use my joints.) I donít feel any pain, just a little tenderness when I try to stretch my toes, and my foot does feel a little tight, like someone (or something, namely, a SCREW) is squeezing it to make it narrower.

I give you the cast aka turkey leg/golf club/blob that covers the results of an osteotomy w/ internal fixation.

Once the cast is off, I will post a before and after gorefest. Brace yourselves.

1:47 p.m. - 2005-06-14



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