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Guide du Fucktard

Yes, Michelle, it IS that woman!! It is one of the most annoying newsletters I have ever subscribed to, and seriously, I have subscribed to too many in my lifetime. The writing is pretentious and irritating, and it makes ChicBeat look like poetry.

Honestly? I bet I could write a better Parisian newsletter from sleepy old NewHavenWhichIsNeither. And manage to be up-to-the-minute in spite of my not being in Paris. And I guarantee that it’d be typo-free. It just makes me crazy the misspellings in French—these authors claim to have their fingers on Paris’ pulse yet none of them can ever manage to properly write a single French word without making a mistake. I know I have an advantage there, but still. A little respect for the language would be nice.

I mean, the “rue Louis Weiss”? C’mon, open your Plan de Paris and LOOK AT THE STREET! It’s Louise with an E, not Louis! “Rue de Four”? It’s DU, not DE! The other thing? Stale, reheated news. “Paris Plage”? Didn’t the New York Times cover that, like, 4 years ago?

When I want information about a city, I don’t want to know what fascinates the tourists and the expats—I want to experience the place as a native does. And I expect people who live in the culture and write about it, well, I expect them to work from the point of view of an acculturated person, not an outsider.

The reason I am always disappointed, I think, is because when I am somewhere unfamiliar or different, I make a point to avoid the English-speaking community. How are you going to learn anything new if you do not immerse yourself in your surroundings? What’s the point of travel or living abroad if you aren’t going to open yourself up to unusual experiences?

Maybe I should write a book about that. Feh.

5:08 p.m. - 2005-07-21



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