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Dumb and truly dumber

Exciting news first: last night when TA and I were walking around town, I noticed a tall guy in an MC5 t-shirt. Immediately my antenna stuck straight up in the air all Tick-like because, who, in New Haven is actually cool enough to know about the MC5? I tell you who: Jason H@mmel from Mates of State! That’s WHO! My eyes darted to his companion, and sure enough, it was his wife and co-band member Kori.

TA really wanted to turn around after we’d passed them and scream “Mates of State ROCK!” really loud but we were both overtaken by chickenshitedness. More me than TA. Oh well, they live nearby, I will no doubt have more opportunities to embarrass myself.

So… other news.

Every summer the Yale campus swarms with high school students. I used to think it was Egghead Camp. Probably, this is what their optimistic parents think, but from what I’ve overheard, these kids do not appear to be any smarter than non-Summer-at-Yale kids. I have no idea what they’re studying, but it seems that whatever it is, it is not making any kind of dent in the students’ hormone-addled, sex-obsessed brains. From what I can gauge, the camp is just an excuse for entitled girls in ass-skimming flippy skirts (the ensemble often completed with muffin tops) to flirt with preppy bedheaded surly boys. Future Captains of Industry, I salute you!

Recently, we caught two most excellent snippets of student conversation:

Conversation #1 between two Nerd Kids (possibly the only high school students learning + remembering anything):
Nerd Girl: C++++++!
Nerd Boy: C--!
Nerd Girl: Hey, that’s just C with one +! It should be C----!

Conversation #2 between two Muffin Tops:
Girl A: So, like, do you do any baking, um, when you’re at home?
Girl B: I, um, don’t know. I mean, we have someone who does the cooking.

12:25 p.m. - 2005-08-02



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