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Combative rock

Did you know that I dislike Neil Young? And that I also hate Radiohead? And that I cannot understand the appeal of those other plaintive whiners, the Coldplay? They’re all very talented and deserve praise, but I am a big unfan of their sounds. Too much minor key rocking and rolling, not enough bouncy happy silliness.

I watched a few episodes of The Young Ones last night, and was reminded of what fun the 80s were. Talk about silliness! Oh sure, there were plenty of miserable moments (I refer you now to The Smiths’ entire oeuvre, Debbie Gibson, Reagan and Thatcher) but we all wore crazy outfits and it was totally fine. Mods, Rockers, Hippies and Skinheads in perfect harmony! And we all danced to Madness, my favorite band of all time. No sad sack songs, no navel gazing tales of woe, just upbeat nutty carnival music for spastic teenagers.

Which Young One Am I, you ask? Well, if there were a decent personality quiz online, I’d say Rick. But I could also skew Vyvyan depending on the hour and the day, but only anger-wise (does he have any other emotion?) But really, people: Vyvyan’s ripped jean vest? So dopey! The only man who could rock the sleeveless look and not look fey was Joe Strummer. They could even exhume his body and throw some Levi’s on his bones RIGHT NOW and he’d still look ten times cooler than everybody else. Rockin’ his bad skeleton self…

Where was I?

Oh yes, music and fashion. Nutty as I am, I absolutely need these shoes for Fall. Look at them! They are perfection! I don’t even care that the rivet detail isn’t silver or nickel plated--they are so me!

I am anxious to get this summer business over with. I want TA to start school and kick ass, I want to land more work so I can support us, I want yoga to magically make my RA symptoms disappear, I want world peace and I want the government to realize that burying nuclear waste in Nevada is not disposing of it. It’s just HIDING it.

I’d also like a giant slice of chocolate cake, but that’s not gonna happen.

3:29 p.m. - 2005-08-10



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