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Going feet first

Today I am experimenting with footwear. Instead of my Pumas, I am wearing my Converse. TA glowered at me this morning when I put the shoes on, but I explained that today is one of those days when I don't walk a lot and it would be a good test to see how the left foot handles a shoe with absolutely no support. He begrudgingly agreed.

Here's the interesting thing: the left foot (the one that underwent surgery in June) feels great. The fact that these shoes have NO cushion or padding whatsoever does not seem to be affecting the comfort level on that side. The right foot, however, is another matter entirely. I have a bunionette on that foot, smaller than the one that used to plague my left foot, and I now have pain on it, near it, and underneath it in these shoes. The pain is not unbearable but then again I'm merely walking from this desk to that one and back again. Nothing major.

What this means, though, is that the Pumas are now more of a necessity for my non-surgically-corrected right foot than for my surgically-corrected left one. And that now that my left foot feels good I am more aware of how uncomfortable and sensitive the right one is. Gah. Another osteotomy with internal fixation is in my future. At least, I get another adorable little titanium screw out of the deal.

A few nights ago, TA's boss invited everyone to dinner. I had never met the guy and didn't know what to expect physically (TA had spent a year and half regaling me with tales of his boss's incompetence so I knew what to expect mentally and psychologically.) Even if I hadn't been told that he was an idiot, I would have very quickly formed a low opinion of him. Why? Well, not 15 minutes into boring dinner chitchat, he made what I consider to be a racist remark about the restaurant's Mexican cooking staff. I knew to be prepared for some poorly chosen words, but I didn't think they would come flying out so soon into the evening.

But that's the thing with bigots. They're not very smart, and they're totally unaware of how offensive their beliefs are. Do you argue with a bigot? No, you do not.

To me, the boss seemed insecure and pretentious. He made a big show of selecting the wine because he considers himself an oenophile, and he deliberated on whether or not a 2003 Krug cabernet would be preferable to a 2001. Like a Krug cabernet that young would ever merit more than 20 seconds of thought! At a seafood restaurant in homely Stratford, Connecticut! That clod should have just ordered champagne. I chose not to drink as I'm only allowed one per week, and I'd rather have my splurge in California.

To give you an idea of what type of restaurant it was, when we sat down at the patio, the waitress handed us a spray bottle of insect repellant. Yeah, classy joint.

Tomorrow at 8am we will be on a plane headed for LA, land of cheapie tacos, celebrity sightings, fantastic haircuts and yoga classes and many, many like-minded friends. I cannot wait!

1:31 p.m. - 2005-08-18



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